Detect waiting updates on remote servers and workstations in whole domain.

Feel free to download, use this code. You can also change and redistribute changed version. Please remember to add information about author of this script and url to my blog - Thanks in advance... :)

.SYNOPSIS Get-WaitingUpdates.ps1 - Report Windows Update status from several computers

.DESCRIPTION Check status of Windows Update on computers and send report HTML. Search for computers by Active Directory LDAP query.

.PARAMETER verbose Show Debug messages

.PARAMETER Filter Active Directory LDAP Filter String

.PARAMETER SearchBase Active Directory OU Container

.PARAMETER Limit Limit items from LDAP Query (default no limit)

.PARAMETER ShowNoticeDayLimit Limit days to show notice in report. Updates older than amount of days from this parameter will be marked RED Default value 14 days

.PAREMETER SMTPConfigFile Path to XML file with SMTP Config Values Using this path will send report by Mail

.PAREMETER ReportFile Path to file for final report Default: ./updates-report.html

.PAREMETER LogFile LogFilename (deault .\Get-Update-log.txt)

.EXAMPLE Get-WaitingUpdates.ps1 -verbose -SearchBase "DC=domain,DC=local" -Filter "*" -LogFile ".\log.txt"

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